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We treat our customers with the best lawn care services which include but is not limited to lawn care maintenance, mowing, aeration, landscaping, cutting, gardening, fertilization, seeding, grub & pest control, disease treatment, thatching, yard cleanup, and more. Call and ask us about a specific service or for scheduling!


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Give your lawn the best treatment with our lawn care services for any residential homes. Impress your neighbor, friends, and family members the next time they walk up to your home with a gorgeous, healthy, and green lawn. Get started today by filling out a form on our website. Or schedule for a call by clicking on the button below!


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We understand the time it takes to care for commercial lawns. Our experienced team will tend every corner of your lawn and recommend any additional changes if necessary. Impress all those who pass your building. Easily schedule a call with us today by clicking the button below or quickly fill out the form on our website!

Why Hire Lawn Care Company Services?

Taking care of an overgrown lawn and garden can be a huge hassle and can take a lot of time from your day. What’s the solution to this? Hire an affordable lawn care company to transform your lawn and garden into a pleasing and beautiful space. There are multitude of reasons for getting a professional service to tend your lawn and keep it maintenance all year long. Keep reading to understand some of the benefits of hiring a professional lawn care and maintenance service:

Scheduling of Lawn Care

Let’s face it. Grass grows, and it grows fast and in a vast amount. You might be able to tackle a couple of days out of an entire year to tend your lawn, but this can get irritating and going back to you losing so much time. The solution to this is scheduling cuts at regular intervals. By having a schedule, your grass is going to look extremely attractive and people will notice this. Your friends, your neighbors, your family, and the guy driving past your lawn. Different seasons will have different scheduling, but the most common intervals are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Consult with your lawn maintenance contractor and arrange the best intervals for your lawn.

Promoting the Growth of your Lawn by Feeding It

Mowing is just one part of the who process when taking care of your lawn. A mindful professional lawn care service will help promote the growth of your grass by using fertilization.

Tools and Equipment

When it comes to tools and equipment for lawn care, there are a ton and they can get really expensive. Unless you want to take care of your lawn as a hobby then hiring a professional lawn care company will be the best choice. Using the services of a lawn care business will eliminate any investment in lawn maintenance tools. Not only will professionally tool and equipment for lawn mowing services be provided, but also power tools for trimming and edging. Ask the company that you plan to contact about their tools and what they can do with them.

Pest Control and Treating Disease

Some lawn care companies offer a father quality service of diagnosing for garden pests or plants that may be infected with diseases. Both of these issues could impact the overall quality of your garden as well as growth. Using insecticide or fungicides can help eliminate and solve these pesky issues. When handling any type of chemicals, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


Notice how we mentioned the importance of your time. That’s because we at Lawn Care Mooresville understand how time-consuming all this is and by hiring a professional lawn care service like us will not only save you all the trouble mentioned prior but your precious time. We get the job done, you become a happy customer and can expand your time on doing other activities that you actually “want” to do such as spending time with friends and families or tackle that task you’ve been needing to do.

Solution to Your Lawn Service Maintenance

Lawn care maintenance can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming. A lot of effort must be invested in order to maintain a healthy front lawn. Plus, you’ll the need the right tools and equipment which can cost a fortune. Lucky for you our lawn care services has already taken care of most of this. We can get to tending to your lawn as soon as possible or schedule for a date. Whether your lawn is residential or commercial, we at Lawn Care Mooresville provide affordable lawn services for both. All you need to do next is contact us by filling out our form or call our phone number. Talk to you soon!

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