Residential Lawn Care Tips

and Maintenance

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The act of taking care of your residential yard and lawn provide various personal effects on the level of pride and satisfaction, provide a satisfying outdoor time and a productive exercise. To have a lush and green lawn which will offer a stimulating residential environment, the following seven necessary steps should be adhered to:

Mowing:┬áthe standard height for your grasses should be 2 to 3 inches at most to avoid cutting off more than a third of it at any time. This makes for strong roots that penetrate deep into the ground. This also helps save watering as the plant’s root can fetch their water deep into the ground. Also, the clippings should be left on the ground as they add nutrients to the lawn. Work up and down once with your lawnmower and then back and forth the next. This ensures the blades grow upright. The art of effective mowing is the first fundamental step in learning residential lawn care.

Watering: unnecessary watering of the lawn should be avoided to ensure the best growth condition. Instead, water sparingly but effectively, by doing it sincerely. About an inch of water will soak the tuft perfectly. Various indicators can be used to signal when your lawn needs watering. A probe can be inserted into the soil to check for its need for water. Also, when footprints are maintained on the grass surface, it is indicative that the lawn needs watering. To measure the effectiveness of the sprinkler, empty cans could be used for that regard. Watering is a fundamental care for residential lawns.

Weeding: this could be done manually and with great care as a healthy turf is necessary for fighting off weeds. The use of herbicide will ensure that unwanted plants and shrubs- weeds do not infest your lawns.

Raking:┬áthis pertinent to ensure the health of a residential lawn. Proper removal of fallen leaves and branches ensures that the lawn grasses are not starved of sunlight and air-essential ingredients for their growth. The absence of those gives room for the growth of fungus and molds. The rake should be appropriately handled on the lawn. It should be used to gently and equally. It shouldn’t be dragged roughly on the lawn to avoid pulling off grassroots. This will prevent the buildup of thatch, which, if not properly checked, will compete with the grasses for essential nutrients hence killing them.

Feeding: basic nutrients should be provided for the lawns. Aside from the clippings, other supplements should be added to provide a lush and green lawn. Nitrogen should be adequately supplied as little or none will not be beneficial to the health of the plants. A soil test will provide a check for this. Three feedings a year should be done: in spring, summer, and fall, and this could be done effectively with a fertilizer.

Aeration: This could be done by curing or using a liquid aerator. This helps to keep down thatch and improve drainage and soil quality. This enables the roots of grasses to have access to more nutrients and water. For proper care of a residential lawn, equal attention should be given to the surface as well as under the ground part of the lawns.

Overseeding: Lawn should have uniform growth. Seeds should be planted on parts without grasses to ensure lush lawn area. The ground should be well prepared, and the ground should be allowed to get dry by providing an adequate watering routine.

Adhering to the above lawn maintenance tips will ensure that your lawn has a great look. Ensure you water and feed the lawn the right way, properly take out weeds, leaves, bare areas, and ensuring proper drainage will provide your lawn with a beautiful look and create a pleasant environment for living.

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